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Upgrade any package and make your photobox experience even more memorable.

    Thumb Drive To Go - INCLUDED! - take home a thumb drive with you at the end of your event that contains every picture that was taken!
    Scrapbook With Style - $50 - a 12"x12" scrapbook and supplies. You'll use our '2 strips of 4' layout and guests paste 1 of their strips into the scrapbook and write a message if they'd like. The book then leaves the event with you - what better memory than a picture of every guest??
    Custom Backdrop - $50+ - if you don't want to use our single-color silver, blue or maroon backdrop, you can choose a custom backdrop that matches the colors of your event or choose any design that you love! You can send us a sample of the color you like or find a design online.
    Themed Props Package - Let's discuss prices - a few ideas: old western, cops and robbers, casino night, star wars, barbie, circus, 80's, mardi gras, luau, pirates. Perfect for your themed party!
    Novelty Glasses Package - $2.50/person - includes all kinds of random novelty glasses, from baller kanye west shades to classic groucho glasses. The best part: we bring enough for every one of your guests to take a pair home with them. photoBOX pics + novelty shades = awesome party favors!
    Double the Fun - $50/hour - double every picture that comes out of the booth. Keep a copy of the entire night for yourself or do whatever you want with them!.
    Whatever You Want Package - Lets Discuss - we are here to make your event the best event possible. Let us know your ideas and we'll do the rest.'
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